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!!! Please do not wear shoes which leave stripes on the floor !!!

 Dance Location  Remarks
 August 14, 2018  

 Franconian summerprogram.
 Dance program: MS

 August 28, 2018    Guestcaller: Sandie Bryant  

Weekday:  Tuesday
Time:  19:00 - 21:30
Dance location:  Bürgertreff "ISAR12" (Google Maps) *)
 Isarstr. 12
 91052 Erlangen
Contact: Club hotline:  
Caller:  Alex Wallerer
Changes: *) On the following dates we will be dancing in a room located on the upper floor of the same building. If the main entrance doors are locked then please ring the doorbell marked "Begegnungszentrum - Gruppenraum 1".

            See picture
Notes:  Odd calendar weeks C1
 Even calendar weeks C2

  Please call before visiting. We are dark if less
  than 8 dancers are signed up. 

  Last update: May 17, 2018- alw